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Tr​ø​nt​ø​n​ø​mø Bay

by Old Grape God

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    Artwork & design by Trøn 444.

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Intro I’ve been coming to this club for too long (Trumpet) They’re too cheap to hire a band, So they let me blow in exchange for a drink or two (Trumpet) But I’ve been tryna get an advance, ‘Cause it’s only a drink or two And I need a few, Just to get me through… Intro Pt. II Welcome to the other side Please pay close attention to your tour god Welcome to…. Trøntønømø Bay Verse Time Travel, 444 I break necks Brake checks Practice safe sex Listen to Actress Take bets even though I know I’ll lose, Just to sip the juice Loose lips might spit like Bruce Bruce off the Goose Smokin spruce from Coos Bay to Scappoose Never ask for truces Roll a loosie on a hardcover copy of the Crucifix Tronfucious, I’m old as hell I just wrote this but it is not new shit Collar same color as bruises Movin units to Cupid’s shooters Cuts like a couple razors not two kids scooters Skelli got more slaps than Lemieux do Kush from the future, rarer than Mewtwo So loud might mute you, rawer than uncooked food Took one look and knew who you really are I am pure game you are merely Chewy bar I am the wave you are where the shoobies are I’m groovier than Scooby’s car Drink an avocado smoothie followed by some loose leaf tea Hit the mall they already knew nothing was Gucci! I feel like Bruce Lee reciting Juicy everytime I move teeth Girl scout cookies colored like Coogi I feel like Rudy Ray Moore doodling on page 4 of tomorrow’s morning paper I’m in the world’s shortest sky scraper Gettin a taper Don Draper? Nah John Jay on ganja gone the wrong-way down a one-way Pushing a skateboard like a gondola Turn the booth to a runway in one take God love girls that love nature Hella granola Coltrane playing as I go sane cop a gold chain for an arraignment I haven’t caught yet They tryna try me though ‘Cause against the grain Is where the god went. (Trumpet & Audience) Outro Just a little spit for the slides even though I know it’ll rust my insides (x2)
Intro Stretch, wake up and shit You know I’m uhh 444 You know I’m feeling kinda like Feelin kinda like… Verse Pretty Ricky Tikkii Timbo Old Grape God raising the bar Lawyers got our system of existence in limbo Young gyroscope Meddah flow Like uh Lamb gyro Flap my wings before Lambo doors On a jungle beat going Rambo Paint Soup, BurgAndy Warhologram This ain’t Campbell’s Known to ramble over damp bells If you can’t tell, I cast spells Break legs on stage Then get daps on daps Slaps on slaps til my hands swell Welches and well whiskey, don’t push me Cuz I’m over the boreder (boarder) Just tryna stay busy Feeling good while I’m doing bad Dabs on dabs Mandem spinning vinyl That’s wax on wax Woods be my cologne The un-pheromone (unfairer moan) Them backs is axe on axe, twist the Axel - Rose City purple rain fill up Fill up Fill up Fill up the moat Round my brown castle no cattle sandwich Light the candle as I lessen my load Bless the bland hell as I freshen your mode Nomad moving- Never nesting at home So fast losing- Full control of the road I swerve and I skid Still keep the Still keep the Herb lit As I slip off the pavement Waking up, wandering where the way went Shaking shattered glass off of my shoulders Never Cached for when I was older I never stashed it Just off the god-rails (guardrails) Steep embankment Fuck up some commas off insurance This surreality is fucking up my coma I don’t wanna come to This permanence Motif This this this permanence I don’t wanna come to this permanence I don’t wanna come to I don’t wanna come to this permanence This this this permanence I don’t wanna come to this this permanence Permanence I don’t want this this perm... Verse II Permanent, permanent It’s your turn in the tournament Burning fern I thought you were poppin Wonder where the kernels went It’s a thirsty man’s world On the verge of it Turn em in, Turn em in I’m earning my bid I’ma make a hit if you let me get a verse on it Fill a page just for the turn-of-it I’ve been waiting patiently for myself to catch up But I’m a flash flood I’m a splashed tub In the club eating a caesar salad before I sing a ballad Just waiting for the crowd to validate my pallet salivates Loud sounds like [DJ] Khaled in the sensory deprivation tank I don’t hate my enemies ‘Cause I know they’re just waiting the time to come around and be a friend of me Intensity is spreading Time travel committee never meeting in the middle I hold it down like a tent city when they ask us to be civil Most people only think they’re liberal Political affiliations for the formulaic individual off the artificial nipple Skip the pebble, never caused a ripple They try to cripple the growth of our roots So its easier to top and chop and chop and chop and topple us, over Guillotine(x8) Everytime I go off head-top like Ted Coppel Telepathic T.E.D. talks Cold world just tryna get these sleds off Be smart with the art of using heart as a weapon Sharp tools of a veteran Just tryna get these sheds off Shit-steppin not stressin just looking for the shrooms init Gassin God yeah I’m gassin Yeah I’m gassin I could flex on Exxon(x2) Next song(x4)
Motif I don’t have kids but my kids do I don’t have a grip but my grip do I don’t have shit to convince you Intro Oooh I’m only here for a minute Shaking up the paintcan Before I spray your walls Motif (x2) I don’t have kids but my kids do I don’t have a grip but my grip do I don’t have shit to convince you I ain’t got enemies but my enemies do I ain’t got intentions but my tension due I ain’t on the grid no lid on my paint I let it spill (x5) Verse I ate eight slices of octopi I like to chop it up when I’m high like helicopters fly I give a cyclops an awkward eye Watch thy opps thems is not my guys Brown money on the rise Rye loaf white oak and marble right in the carpool ride through the tunnel Pour my pride in a puddle I don’t go dumb I gets befuddled My egos huddled around the fire in my heart Tire marks and broken glass Chokin on the past Encroaching on that final path That vinyl destination! Just tryna be alive and engaged with The surface I’m greatly engraved in Til I’m in the grave again! Save me from my impatience Ancients and forgotten present Told my Baba I never forgot his lessons -Dreams- starting to let the alarm tone creep in I’m off the deep end Cheapen the ticket home reap the work of what you sow I suppose Pose for the photo after no drops of Roto Crop my aura from the exposure Fuck the composition what’s the composure? Never looking for closure just decomposition I never speak on positions I couldn’t hold Conversations turned arguments I wouldn’t fold Cold shoulder to the Cold shoulder to the holster I’m no soldier Tulip House no Folgers Just out here getting older Just out here getting older Motif I don’t have kids but my kids do I don’t have a grip but my grip do I don’t have shit to convince you Motif I don’t have kids but my kids do I don’t have a grip but my grip do I don’t have shit to convince you I ain’t got enemies but my enemies do I ain’t got intentions but my tension due I ain’t on the grid no lid on my paint I let it spill (x5) Outro (x2) I’ve been riding round that city Smoking on that loud I’ve been riding round that city Just looking to not be found
Not My City 05:02
Verse Cold in the house Like, uhh You know I got the heat turned off Like I ducked down a sidestreet dodgin cops ‘Cause I don’t think they’d appreciate The smell of tree I break off That’s still a metaphor for the temperature in the home Weather many storms I keep roaming But I’m ready To appreciate the calm It’s all so surreal Make me forget how real a deep breath feel *breath* And debris from the highway littered the windshield When will wake up?! When will I wake up?... The insomniac asks the shadows cast every night Between moon and pavement Blurs between noon and midnight Heard the words of worry but in a hurried state I didn’t wait to listen Tryna be a lil more patient Tryna be a lil more patient Tryna be a lil more patient Aim And just Hit my target See I can play the cards I was dealt or throw out the deck Rebel against elements of a genre I don’t wanna be limited to Too often they try to box you in before coffin But I box em out Like Rodman A God-Man Might cause a log jam in your river of conciousness At least I give a dam Cash waves at the riverbank Can I live like I’ve been resurrected? Because I’ve been dead Celebrate old year’s eve Timeless music from a traveler of many planes None of which plain White walls just waiting for some color splashes No more lashes out at the way things are Just make art and watch the clock A conflict of hand-eye coordination No Jacob & Co. Moreso Jacob Perkins I’m cold! But not hot opposit Watch a pot boil I acknowledge you got some dirt but not soil Acknowledge you got some dirt but not soil Got some dirt but not soil Born not royal No king! By human-construct But if you ain’t learn by now, money ain’t the object Many lost souls find themselves here Don’t contest the context of your conquest And that self-portrait might familiarize Real life rhymes off-beat to keep you off-seat Don’t sleep Motif (Recording) *inaudible* I found this picture of you Found a picture of you *inaudible* Um, I’ve been couch surfing I’ve been sleeping on couches I’m not... this is not my city Verse II This is not my city just the place that I stay This is not my body just what I use to paint I lay awake As tides break waves against the dry island in the sky This is not heaven but here is like nowhere else Yet eerily familiar To describe the unseen can be a crime against the eye’s perception But you may never view this landscape So I must attempt to stand straight and translate The often broken language’s underdeveloped explanations Could create undervalued expectations Tryna break free from those motherfunking expectations! We always moving in some direction Escape to Trøntønømø Bay when it gets heavy on Urth before levees burst Seeking weightlessness And untimed lengths of patience Shake the anguish of bad measurement The art of entertainment taught by introverts close to unheard Words that can only Complement the silence Religion that don’t compete with science Find bliss in the awareness of ignorance The selfish hail from where they sell fish Selfless heal free of charge Break free of the bars and not be at large Close but no cigarillo Sketchbook used to fill up Field Notes but ideas got bigger Not fearing brief sobriety like when I was invincible Embrace unintended contradictions in an unpredictable existence Motif (Recording) This is not my city.
Bad Breath 05:47
Verse I let the pen move my hand as I acknowledge the hourglass sand No powerless man just an hourless god In the flesh Composed Sky burial But yet from the dead still rose Slomo poet in the city of red flowers Not tryna be redundant Stationary arguments about who-really-running-shit Nonesuch grip on any game you playing or war you faking I’m making no mistake Nunchuck spit don any dame a rose by any title Clothes by many names The threads find me But I’m off the grid Them feds won’t find me Even though I got nothing to hide, right? My hindsight is 444 lives Are we recording, is this thing live? Aight. I’m tryna stay alive despite the plight of introspection From dark to otherwise Out late by the lake getting baked while a meadowlark’s mother cries in unimaginable distance As the rabbit hole twists and it twists You just gotta finesse the wrist Old Grape God gon finish the sentence Blessed with a hardline to your heart, mind, and the rest Just tryna live as I digress Just tryna live as I digress Keep what I treasure close to the chest Give most my shit away for free or way too cheap to defy the pirates Finesse the wave through the straight of Malacca Knock a Mac Mall acapella over the classical station Jumpin on my ship uninvited get you set adrift on memory bliss Leave you to the elements Remember Orapin 4? ( Pulled into the shore of Sriracha 14 members aboard 4 days after they got got for their gas Quick fast in a hurry Tried to mash left curry on the dash the splash left the glass hella blurry Ya heard me Zero dark 44 in the park with a cast of strange bandits Cast me a shadow of sun too bright for candid grams of distant planets Scans of converted can-do attitudes overruled by those fucking realists! Drunk with any power they can pillage from the lucid dreamers Too quick! Don’t move too quick! Quadruple backflip over the broom onto the moon Groomed To my hallucinations Never too clean cut though A cut thoat like Sweeney Todd Low brow on Fleet St. Cold in the club Awl sleet sleet sleet sweet talk to her intellect Foul mouth no bad breath / even though she missed my calls like a bad ref (x2) Motif She miss my She miss my She miss my Calls She miss my She miss my She miss my Calls like a bad ref She got that foul mouth That foul mouth That foul mouth No bad breath even though… Verse II Every bar got a golden ticket in it Tik tik tok on my wrist vindictive limericks for at-risk apparitions Impressions of the precious pressure in the thickest conditions The spicket is a little more than drippin and I’m tippin! On 444’s thwarting fauxes (foes) shawty knows I’m long-term I’m slick off top like Devious witta perm Curmudgeons get bludgeoned in my dungeon begrudgingly jumping none-grungy, bungee Grumpy, you remind me of something I’ll never unsee There’s only none me and too much money interrupting dreams erupted in screams Rise to the top of the c.r.e.a.m. Everything surrounding me is grounding all flights Not tryna fight decline in height if dakine ain’t right Movin at the speed of deep night I leap off the ladder and hit rock bottom in a hurry Don’t get caught up in the flurry I get up early! V60 swirling I’m listening to Furly not going out like Bobby Hurley Purple ink writing Ghiradelli bars no Hershey’s Selling art like cars ‘cause you could use it to go somewhere Most can’t tell themselves apart from the pack Loudpack tickle my nosehair They’re selling out shows in nowhere and i really don’t care Growing out of clothes and don’t fare well with hoes ‘cause they call them hoes Do you really know the power of treating someone better than they treat themselves? Do you know the power of treating someone better than they treat themselves? I’m just tryna find that help I need some help that’s not off the shelf ‘Cause I ain’t got no prescription I am my own doctor I speak with conviction Motif Foul mouth no bad breath even though she miss my calls like a bad ref (x3) Motif (Recording) Know I only got a few minutes Tryna get to you but I know my gas tank Only got fumes in it I know my gas tank only got fumes in it And I only got a few minutes to get to you And I guess I’m gon be late Guess I’m gon miss you Guess I’m gon be late Guess I’m gon miss you ‘Cause my gas tank only got fumes in it
Mescalculations (feat. Ripley Snell) Motif (Ripley Snell) The taste (x5) The taste of mescal Brings me back Rosé bottles on the floor No, I never really liked mescal But it’s you that I adore The taste of mescal Brings me back Rosé bottles on the floor Rosé bottle can’t bring you back But I swear I’ve seen you here b4 I swear I’ve seen you here b4 I swear I’ve seen you here b4 Verse (OGG) *fades in over Ripley’s motif* *inhale* I don’t Want to Miss you But from this view You are Just too far Just too far As I… Take my face from the ancient gallery and walk down the hall of mirrors I can hear the wind’s best impression of her whisper clearly in my ears My equilibrium shifts with every wishful step Blissful ignorance of no regret A time traveler’s best parlor trick I’ve let my armor grow thicker Kiss the elixir Going alone to parties on non-party drugs Really in the mixture Keep a bae at bay Tron-to-no-mo titanic Flow antarctic Not your archetypal god but exist nonetheless Human Habits Made me re-inhabit my body She caught me! Wanting to be human again So I had to leave with the fog Back to a polluted lake I fish nonetheless I fish nonetheless Spit grit to stick to your chest, your ribs I’m a frog not a prince rinse my palms in the pond I see no reflection I see so many sheep that don’t seek any direction I’m just tryna hit a world tour in a vessel they will recognize Mechanized still frame treat the game like a meal you know I pill lames! Ain’t tryna feel the same... Motif (Ripley Snell) The taste...the taste Tryna feel the same Tryna feel.. Rosé bottles on the floor (x5) Motif (Recording) OGG & Ripley Snell play piano in pitch black darkness atop Mt. Tabor in Summer 2016.
Motif Why’d they have to kill Jimi, man? I hear my boat a comin’ (x4) I hear my boat… Verse All I brought home was 100 excuses to keep running Burn the bridge or jump from it I’m tryna get my point across Refuse the trolls’ tolls I live between the skull and your soul I let the moon pull me to and fro World 2ur If I can escape Trøntønømø Drown in the moat of raw emotions slow motion tronjure my own potion And Oooh it’s so potent! Proceed with caution I’m known to cause flash floods My passion finna crack me Raspy bark glass tongue as I sprung Heels over head outta the dark Sprintin down Stark Slippin Trippin Tip-toein in and outta shadows There’s sharks in the park but they got a bad nose I deviate the route casual I take a right on schedule Left the stove on burning down the block Turning down the party whipped out on a backroad to nowhere Went to far on the outskirts only seeking a tunnel don’t flash ya headlights Motif (Verse Inlay) Dear So-and-So You were on my mind like headlice Sincerely Signed, Not-Yours-No-Mo She replied, Dear Never-Was-Mine, I used to think you were fine now you’re just hard to find I replied with a lie but not to her There was never a time enough forwards I reply with a lie but not to her There never was enough time forwards There never was enough time for words There never was enough time forwards There never was enough time for words Cause I got those I got those Urth City Blues I got them Urth City Blues I got them Urth City Reds I got them Urth City Purples I got different hues! And what’s you’s getting used to? You should never get so used to getting used to I got them Urth City Blues I got a few different Hues To my Urth City Blues My Urth City Urth City Blues Verse II Beneath burgundy-burned buried-sun skies Summer surprised me yesterday Yet I stray away to the gray grazing the graper pastures Rapture of the spoke words Filler terms while I peel and feel! Don’t pop pills but I pupils Smoking to lower lids Love-loathings lust photos on the grid Just thumbnails short clips scrape the dirt out They don’t dig deep enough Fuck em! Let em sleep it off Sweat it out Baby we need a detox Thunder in the hills I feel the gods beat box Clouds are loud let em wet it out The pen bled out Interrogate me baby Manipulate me shady lady I don’t have to practice my Answers I should be signed to Reebok Never know when to leave off I just peel leaves off Harsh but I love it No more Swisher Sweet talk Motif Do you wanna go to Trøntønømø Bay? Tell me, do you wanna go to Trøntønømø Bay? Tell me, are you tryna escape? Do you wanna go to Trøntønømø Bay? Do you wanna go, do you wanna escape? Tell me, do you wanna go to Trøntønømø Bay? Tell me, are you tryna escape?
Anvil 05:20
Motif Drop (x4) Drop the anvil Drop drop the anvil(x5) Verse Drop the anvil Light the candle Ignite the dynamite Tryna die tonight Reborn tomorrow! 444 your sorrows 24 more to borrow Knowing well as hell I can’t pay it back Break your back tryna front on yourself Take the facts With a grain of salt and bottle of agave Shake the jakes full throttle! But don’t be afraid to pace the chase Gotta make it to the boreder (border) Welcome to America the beautiful Home to McDonalds and Carls Jr. System at feudal but it’s food-all Burger is king Can I take your order? Hope you brought your audio / video recorders You won’t wanna watch this live You won’t wanna watch this live You don’t wanna watch this live Just wait til later Get reel high Get reel lit Then fast4ward / rewind that highlight reel That’s what the Netflix is 4! I tried callin Tech support They sent the mothafuckin task force Wanna ask 4 sources to my magic Take me out tragic Closed casket! Settle outta court make me vanish When I do don’t let the niche collapse Never wanted to get rich off of rap just enrich the wack Pick up the slack where the human gods lacked Motif Crying when reptilians is stealing the shown You will never know the throne Crying when reptilians is stealing the show You will never know the throw Drop drop the anvil (x4) Motif II I Can’t Fuck With It If it Ain’t Got Soul I need those roots to take hold I can’t fuck with it if it ain’t got soul Verse II I need those roots to take hold So many holes We just wanna feel full Too many people not enough roles I don’t trust the cops On patrol Shot of patron And them blunts that don’t run Pass the baton I hold like a wand I do what I want Design my own font I’m an old as savant Pino Noirleans That’s word to Raspy I’m just tryna see more shorelines if you ask me What i’m finna do when I get this money Make it purple rain this ain’t Philadelphia Sunny make you pump brakes burn circles and roll out Tumbleweed crumblin erb I pull up then feel out and peel out I pull up then feel out and peel out I pull up then feel out and peel out I just wanna chill out Gut some cigars Pour from the bar If you ride a wave You can’t ignore the sharks If you ride a wave You can’t ignore the sharks Motif (x3) Drop Drop the anvil (x2) Anvil Anvil Anvil Lanvins in the landfill Motif (recording) Hey selector, play Shoobies again, ya know Hey Mr. DJ, song pon de John-Wayning-Moon?
Intro Alright you sure? Ok... Verse I’m posted Up at the Railyard Admiring the art in my peripheral Refilling My G-pen Swangin My pendant Like Pendulum Got a lotta friends but I ain’t swayed by no referendums Or referees Ends seem to be a low priority Tryna play Low End Theory As I’m touring this universe And all alternates Striking flint til spark lit The arc of a hero who fears no villainy Never-ending stories cut short Elevator broke and I’m on the ground floor Pouring it all out For the homies breathing But hardly living Giving Everything my all Ignoring the grim reaper’s calls I’m in it for the long haul Long hall of infinite doors, mostly locked Everytime a soul swallows its pride it swallows a key Follow me home I just gotta make a stop right quick Writing by myself Absorbing the environment But comfortable inside my outlawed, outward quietness I swear! I used to be shy Til I realized there was nothing to hide My tronfidence defies your Disguise Respect is a necessity Don’t ask me to explain my near excessive accessories Just admire the walking gallery Gaining power hourly to salary The future will be mallable The dope pope coping with having seen too much Fuck a media that can’t stay in touch Bad writers Couple a blogs straight pair-a-sites (parasites) Sucking hype of artists’ hustle Don’t know That’s life Tryna siphon off our cyphers Don’t know That’s our life! Motif (x2) Hard to produce but so easy to consume It’s hard to produce but so easy to consume Verse II But yet They complain If it’s hard to chew Got damn! Who grew you? Talking like your baby teeth ain’t broke thru I know you as well as you let me Always got too many cooks in my soup room Might hit the stoop to let it breathe Give it room Your life to nth degree My grip on reality Titan (tighten) like Tennessee Tron fly high when I drive You Madden on the bus Scared of the gravity Down to Urth Everytime I take off I prepare for tragedy But I expect a smooth sail Ain’t afraid of another crash Face death Just copping new veils I could give you a heads up Infinite dimensions though Might call a few tails Few sure of their future and in denial of their past Ooooh many lives ahead But outta foresight Everything I write is deliberate Your heart’s cartographer Your subconscious biographer Buy our Graffiti on the walls of your temple Your subconscious biographer Buy our Graffiti on the walls of your temple Motif Your subconscious biographer (x3) Hard to produce but so easy to consume (x5) Outro (Recording) I hawk a loogie Talking to a socks-n-shoes fool You know, shoobie Oooh, you must be new to the moon, b Yeah, well, Welcome to Trøntønømø Bay We keep it groovy
Cliffhanger 02:24
*shallow breaths from the highest point in Trøntønømø Bay* Verse Spa for the soul Opera for the cold- Hearted Steve Francis Ford Coppola Coppin a quop from an unidentified spot And dippin like guacamola Silk the Chakra in Nola This is not Los Angeles Art studio lit as my custom candles is Maak Lab Drippin wax like sap and dabbing wax til I nap Sip a nightcap at half past noon Wash down a shroom cap and a stem with a pabst in a can Clappin my hands for an encore before rehearsal “Let’s build fam” said the man in the condemned warehouse Spam in my pan no junk mail The funk will never fail! Sever the sail and just float Nowhere close to the coast Used to unknow Now I just wanna post up with my grandfather And breath the same air while he’s here ‘Cause you can’t inherit missed time Blissful ignorance of the youth Estrangement to the later generation that created my hesitation The first time we met we didn’t speak the same language Pain and anguish contained in the cage behind bars I blind stars Behind the, You know, really inside the hyperbolic spirit I argue with the mirror that don’t speak back retract the statements to the shadows of guilt Just pilt the lane with no shame I won’t wilt with old age Built stilts for a house on the hill And if i fall in the sea Then so be it’s will *sounds of Urth as it sheds yesterday’s skin*


Produced by Skelli Skel with additional production from Old Grape God, Party on Marz, Dan O, & EmVKush.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Skelli Skel


released December 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Old Grape God Portland, Oregon

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